Why does an organization need Customer Experience Managers?


So how do we reach a point where the customer becomes a advocate of the products and services being offered , a true loyalist and recommends the services to his circle of friends and family?

Another day full of surprises at work but isn’t that a routine…elevation from rudimentary levels will only happen when you break away from your mundane activities and concentrate on what really needs your attention…such as when was the last time you heard a call or spoke to your customer,viewed any interaction made with the customer by any of the customer facing teams,evaluated the best option to be provided to address the top 3 concerns of the customers,institutionalized a VOC program,checked if those million actionable implemented are giving any results or not? But everyone has SME’s today to conduct such activities..Why Bother? Do we realise the need of a team which targets,designs/ redesign,actions and checks and while doing so promotes and elevates the importance of customer experience for seamless co-ordination and collaboration.

Like I mentioned in my previous blog on Customer experience there is a need to nurture and create Customer Experience managers.So if you work in an organization which has recognized the importance and need of providing customer experience ,collaborating internally and 100% supportive, then these are some of the activities that require the focus of the Customer Experience Management team:
1) Fix the gaps in the Customer Life cycle management.All layers and divisions in the organization should be involved in the activity of identifying the gaps depending on their job description, making changes in the process/sub processes/backend/applications and finally control checks for evaluating success of the changes made.

2) Create a strong VOC (VOICE OF CUSTOMER)program building rigor around studying the reasons for customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction.Illustrate,celebrate and set benchmarks levels on consistently meeting targets on areas where customer continues to be satisfied. Target concern areas, prioritize the issues as this will help focus on right data than more data.This will also help build on better operational efficiencies and customer loyalty.Not to forget that a very dynamic and sophisticated system would be required to capture VOC from all channels and delivers the finding back across the organization for action.Closelooping all programs is essential to see a positive impact.

3) The above 2 steps will help us uncover the customer expectations and build or redesign systems, processes, applications keeping the same into perspective.We now need to track and measure all these thus imperative to build a customer experience scorecard.this will allow the organization to focus on what really matters to its customers, to understand how well it’s doing and make targeted investments to improve those elements of customer experience which promises to improve the gain share.

One should not forget that customers are people and not numbers thus they all should be dealt with individually.The services they are provided should be personalized and customized.The emotions of the customers should be captured, studied and feedback actioned upon. All products and services should be created keeping customers point of view into perspective.

Most importantly all this can be done with a well-rounded customer experience management team.

Keep the customers happy!!

Will Return with more on Monday..Till then have a great weekend!


A little more about customer experience…

As promised I am back with more today however before I start writing about Quality Assurance I wanted to clear the concept of Customer Experience/Satisfaction..I have often felt that this term of Satisfaction/Experience is the most overated jargon,and I know I am not alone when I say that as many of you would have also felt this often.I am sure you would have all heard about the story of “Elephant and blind men” (taking the cue from this story)its overated because of varying perspective within hierarchies,divisions and organization and tends to be repetitive without a clear agenda or objective set for achieving the target of making customers happy.While some organizations might have clear agenda, strategy and even customer experience embedded goal statements/brand but the objective withers down and gets pushed ito corners because of sudden drop in profit margins..Do we forget that the only way for a prolonged, long lasting gain is through the customer!

And if both were aligned wouldn’t that be better as most of the business problems arise due to bad customer experience.While some companies are prepared, but the pace of change and requirements to be flexible mean that many are still struggling to keep up. Very few people are thinking strategically.
WHAT TO DO: Management driving single point agenda and organization wide actionables with sustained efforts to achieve the goals
WHAT NOT TO DO: Don’t take a one-size-fits-all view of the customer experience that focuses only on incrementally improving basic metrics while ignoring how customer experience can help achieve more-
strategic business objectives.
IDEAL LEADERSHIP QUALITY: To align customer experience capabilities to tactical efforts to improve bottom line and promote customer experience in the organization.Build Customer Experience leaders/managers…buld a strong collaborative organization where everyone respects and adheres to one single truth of providing true Customer Experience with this truth in mind sharing of data and processes across teams and departments supporting and owning both.

“Three Secrets of Success for Customer Experience Organizations.” They are:
1-Executive commitment
2-Organizational alignment and process redesign
3-Employee engagement
All three of these elements must work together to create right internal environment. But before any steps can be taken, “businesses need to know what they and their customers get out of the customer experience,”

This is the reality of approaching “experience” from customer point of view.Once the customer buys in to this reality and credibility he would align with the organization as ONE.

Will be back tomorrow with more….Till Then Make an attempt to make atleast one customer/client/stakeholder HAPPY:)


What customers want?


In today’s world the expectation of customers can be categorised into many segments but it is simple the customers want……..SERVICE QUALITY and transparency of knowing that the organization will go the extra mile to deliver the same.However this simple demand has the organizations reeling into hysteria.Is service so difficult to provide to the simple demand of our ever evolving customers..thats right as the customers evolve so should the method, approach, strategy of providing services.

Big organizations like Motorola, GE have evolved overtime and so have many other Indian and International organizations and mind you there is no single way or MANTRA to meet the demands of the customer.They vary from organization to organization depending on the company blueprint.

In my blog I would be concentrating on SERVICE industry-evaluating , listing , enabling friends, acquintances and strangers in my circle of influence to cope up with this pressure by concentrating on whats important and critical in this multi dynamic environment.

In Service Industry and business world everyone is aspiring for providing the best in class of customer service to their customers. But how do we achieve this excellence? A question which has continued to intrigue the minds in the customer service world; this blog is an attempt to look at opportunities within your reach and are easily achievable. While everyone is trying the inside out approach its important now to start having an outside in approach i.e. viewing the capability of producing the right service, product at the right cost and adopting the right method basis customer’s requirements thus fundamentally improving the bottom line. In order to achieve this balance it’s important to look at all the available means, experience,IT framework, processes and tools qualitative and quantitative at one’s disposal.

In a rush to make the stakeholders and internal customers happy we forget the most important link to the core achievement is the customer and his/her perspective. The annualized costs of any organization are determined basis what can be achieved basis past performance and not basis “what does my customer want today”. Whilst some organizations might dangle between both of these ideologies some might determine cost basis past performance in an attempt to achieve the future customer requirements thus leading to diminished bottom line and poor IT infrastructure. This incidentally is like a black spider web which one cannot come out of as it’s a web of casted spell!

Diminishing margins lead to immense cost reduction which invariably impacts business and customer experience. While the pressure for providing exemplary customer experience is on from all quarters the organizations are fighting to meet the ends by eliminating workforce, making changes in the process/applications without prior testing the outcome, unjudicial hiring, …a remedial measure? Short term solutions..A difficult question to answer since everyone is aware of the side effects of such decisions but what the heck atleast the comp.any balance sheet looks good for a while. And then there are experts in the organization who would justify this course of action! Right? This short term measure might keep atleast some of our customers happy.

However I would take your attention back to the real problem…Customer Satisfaction! While doing what looks and sounds justified are we not compromising on the simple demand of the customer…since all short cuts have an impact and the biggest on our POOR CUSTOMER who is paying us for his/her services.

As I mentioned all our available means and methods should be tied back into understanding what my customer wants and we will first focus on our internal measures but looking outward at the requirements of the customer.In my next couple of blogs I will be writing about Quality Assurance..Keep in touch!

First Step to blogging…

Well I might be new to blogging but definitely not new to building programs, processes around meeting customer expectation and obviously eventually satisfaction in terms of profit margins, customer retention .A lot has been written to demystify,simplify,conceptualize and capitalise on the ever growing need to understand how to build a solid customer satisfaction program!

And here goes I am going to share my learnings and experiences of what worked and what didnt in the real world and what really clicks with the customer.

So much for the introductory blog…Will be back with more tomorrow!

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