Building Cultural Excellence


In my experience as an Operation and Quality head I realized that there always was a gap between the vision and understanding of Cultural Excellence. The management agenda and vision digressed and disintegrated by the time it reached the middle management layers.Why was it so? Lets try to understand the reasons for such dichotomy:-

Where did the middle management layers miss BIG opportunities:-

1) Transparency within their teams,

2) To give full autonomy for any task.

3) Believe in the credibility of actions of one’s team.

4) Give space for innovation and best practices.

5) Share knowledge and information for the benefit of the team.

6) Try and build a stress free environment.

7) Listen to new ideas and give way for implementation.

8) Keep the lines of communication open

9)  Build a congenial environment which is open, responsible and felicitates proactiveness.

10) Collaborate and communicate with inter-departmental teams for higher and better efficiencies.

11) Closeloop what has been promised to be delivered and be responsible for your actions.

12) Seek solutions to problems, rather than ways to lay blame.

13) Eliminate gossip and complaining.

Now all these factors could or not be present  in the thinking and actions of the responsible layers..But even ONE factor can have a negative impact.Alas, the vision of the management though present at the top has not trickled down appropriately.It is key that senior management be an integral part of the process, and that — from the CEO to the clerk — all employees are engaged.Its important to understand that just creating a vision will not be enough thus its criticalto demonstrate vision practically and visually not once but ALL the time by the top management. The organization on the whole should participate in such events where they get to see examples being set and felicitated. A vision is a thought but to give this a practical shape requires focus, determination and conviction.

A Concentrated effort to build prioritized focus areas is a great step towards achieving excellence and getting attention for eg: FOCUS AREA 1-Developing positive and productive relationships, FOCUS AREA 2-Communicating and Collaborating efficiently and effectively. These should be explained well by further breaking up the focus area into groups and sub groups in short and concise manner  for better and clear understanding at all layers.

Practices that Foster a Culture of Excellence.
Specific practices may seem mundane after lofty discussions of the culture of excellence you are creating. Nevertheless, it is often in“the little things” that great shifts are effected. Ultimately the practices that make a lasting difference in the culture of an organization fall into three categories:
1. Those that generate alignment,partnership and a powerful place to stand,
2. Those that foster effective communication, and
3. Those that maintain an environment of experimentation, creation and

A final note:-

Throughout this process its important to imbibe and foster the vision as this would act as THE ingredient to SUCCESS! All circumstances should be seized as opportunities for learning.To keep oneself motivated be sure to capture the changes in the environment that positively impacts productivity and effectiveness and makes your organization different from others.

So don’t forget that you are not just working but INVENTING , STAYING ENGAGED and BEING ALIVE  in a Culture of Excellence.


About shailychhabra

Shaily Chhabra has an extensive experience and exposure of 19 years into Customer Service and Quality having worked with prominent names in TELECOM and ITES.This blog is a platform for illustrating practical and easily implementable solutions for achieving Customer Satisfaction based on the experience of many years.The information or knowledge shared in the blogs is a selfless attempt of a passionate professional to help improve SERVICE QUALITY in any way the readers can benefit from.Please do share if you see some recognizable differences/improvement in your workplace post implementation of your interpretation/understanding of my blogs....The knowledge of knowing that it worked for you would be of utmost importance and fulfillment to me.

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