Being Customer Centric


Being customer centric has so many facets and all need to fit perfectly like a  rubik cube…Its has trillion permutations for it to look as one similarly in order to achieve co-ordination in any organization for a customer centric approach to evolve and sustain , departmental disengagement and disintegration, has to abstain so that the  right juxtaposition can be achieved  and a true customer centric organization can evolve! The method could be many but the result has to be  BEING -ONE.


But how do we get everyone to work together?…Its easier said then done when everyone has a separate agenda driven by their department KPIs , budgetary constraints and even politics! While everyone might agree in principle but is everyone really putting in their bit? The fear of this being reduced to flavor of the month is significant in scenarios where its treated more like a fad than a rigorous drive towards providing the right treatment to the customer.


We need all hands on deck and that means we need a purposeful agreement not only from Customer excellence team but from Marketing, HR,IT ,Infrastructure and other related departments.The Customer experience team should comprise of individuals from all the departments with the senior leadership team as head of the Steering committee reviewing the performance on regular i.e. weekly/bi-monthly basis.Nothing should compromise the occurance of these review meeting and the core team should be evaluated on the customer experience improvement activities as their primary KPIs.At this juncture its very important to allign departmental KPIs with customer experience. All the internal quality measures/IVR or any kind of outbound , external surveys should be redesigned to measure and capture the actual experience of the customer  throughout the complete customer life cycle.

Not to forget that the leaders should reward anyone and everyone who puts the customer first!


All customers deserve the the right kind of service as per their allegiance and wallet share.Thus its very critical to segment the customer basis the same and provide differentiated services and customized solutions for them. Providing individual solutions can be restricted to the top customer base.

A significant opportunity awaits any organization which delivers what it promises.These opportunities come in the shape of  customer retention and an increased market share and delivery to the customer by way of  incentivizing  them through the loyalty programs.This should be a continuous process of identifying and incentivizing . Thus,Stelios Haji-Ioannou, Chairman of easyGroup and founder of easyJet, makes this clear by saying: “You can spend £15m on advertising, go bankrupt and your name can still mean nothing to people. Your brand is created out of customer contact and the experience your customers have of you” .


There is a lot said about how to achieve customer satisfaction and deliver “the” experience to the customer but do we really need to go through insatiated hours of training or read 100 pages of any manual to instill the culture of being caring, giving ,expressive,having an ability to trust, care and listen when we all are consumers and customers in our own world.All we need is to deliver what we expect to be delivered. Whats important is to grasp the core essentials like how to deliver, identify the right customer, how to analyse the behavioural pattern, spend, likes-dislikes,voice of the customers and priortize.

Its critical that systematic training should be imparted at all customer facing fronts in case of any new product/process launch, changes in technology,customer service vision, brand awareness, upskilling of identified individuals from a perspective of providing consistency in values, service levels and the information/service/assistance provided to the customers.These trainings should not merely be a tick in the box but followed by routine checks and balances.


Any customer centric solution should be weighted around how customer needs are likely to change over the coming decade; the subsequent impact on the business; and how they could meet these challenges. All these solutions should be multidimensional so as to cover all aspects of business from strategic to tactical and then brand them in such a way as to create excitement and involvement across all lines of businesses.

Checklist for a customer centric organisation:

Map customer journey and lifecycle

· Refine operating model  to enable customer centricity

· Align technologies and processes to support and drive customer engagement

· Engage executives and leaders

· Focus development around target areas and behaviour change

· Integrate disparate business unit cultures

· Transform culture top to bottom

· Measure change using key metrics

· Incorporate customer feedback into processes and behaviours

Till Tomorrow..Wish you great beginings to a great week ahead!!


About shailychhabra

Shaily Chhabra has an extensive experience and exposure of 19 years into Customer Service and Quality having worked with prominent names in TELECOM and ITES.This blog is a platform for illustrating practical and easily implementable solutions for achieving Customer Satisfaction based on the experience of many years.The information or knowledge shared in the blogs is a selfless attempt of a passionate professional to help improve SERVICE QUALITY in any way the readers can benefit from.Please do share if you see some recognizable differences/improvement in your workplace post implementation of your interpretation/understanding of my blogs....The knowledge of knowing that it worked for you would be of utmost importance and fulfillment to me.

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