A little more about customer experience…

As promised I am back with more today however before I start writing about Quality Assurance I wanted to clear the concept of Customer Experience/Satisfaction..I have often felt that this term of Satisfaction/Experience is the most overated jargon,and I know I am not alone when I say that as many of you would have also felt this often.I am sure you would have all heard about the story of “Elephant and blind men” (taking the cue from this story)its overated because of varying perspective within hierarchies,divisions and organization and tends to be repetitive without a clear agenda or objective set for achieving the target of making customers happy.While some organizations might have clear agenda, strategy and even customer experience embedded goal statements/brand but the objective withers down and gets pushed ito corners because of sudden drop in profit margins..Do we forget that the only way for a prolonged, long lasting gain is through the customer!

And if both were aligned wouldn’t that be better as most of the business problems arise due to bad customer experience.While some companies are prepared, but the pace of change and requirements to be flexible mean that many are still struggling to keep up. Very few people are thinking strategically.
WHAT TO DO: Management driving single point agenda and organization wide actionables with sustained efforts to achieve the goals
WHAT NOT TO DO: Don’t take a one-size-fits-all view of the customer experience that focuses only on incrementally improving basic metrics while ignoring how customer experience can help achieve more-
strategic business objectives.
IDEAL LEADERSHIP QUALITY: To align customer experience capabilities to tactical efforts to improve bottom line and promote customer experience in the organization.Build Customer Experience leaders/managers…buld a strong collaborative organization where everyone respects and adheres to one single truth of providing true Customer Experience with this truth in mind sharing of data and processes across teams and departments supporting and owning both.

“Three Secrets of Success for Customer Experience Organizations.” They are:
1-Executive commitment
2-Organizational alignment and process redesign
3-Employee engagement
All three of these elements must work together to create right internal environment. But before any steps can be taken, “businesses need to know what they and their customers get out of the customer experience,”

This is the reality of approaching “experience” from customer point of view.Once the customer buys in to this reality and credibility he would align with the organization as ONE.

Will be back tomorrow with more….Till Then Make an attempt to make atleast one customer/client/stakeholder HAPPY:)



About shailychhabra

Shaily Chhabra has an extensive experience and exposure of 19 years into Customer Service and Quality having worked with prominent names in TELECOM and ITES.This blog is a platform for illustrating practical and easily implementable solutions for achieving Customer Satisfaction based on the experience of many years.The information or knowledge shared in the blogs is a selfless attempt of a passionate professional to help improve SERVICE QUALITY in any way the readers can benefit from.Please do share if you see some recognizable differences/improvement in your workplace post implementation of your interpretation/understanding of my blogs....The knowledge of knowing that it worked for you would be of utmost importance and fulfillment to me.

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