First Step to blogging…

Well I might be new to blogging but definitely not new to building programs, processes around meeting customer expectation and obviously eventually satisfaction in terms of profit margins, customer retention .A lot has been written to demystify,simplify,conceptualize and capitalise on the ever growing need to understand how to build a solid customer satisfaction program!

And here goes I am going to share my learnings and experiences of what worked and what didnt in the real world and what really clicks with the customer.

So much for the introductory blog…Will be back with more tomorrow!



About shailychhabra

Shaily Chhabra has an extensive experience and exposure of 19 years into Customer Service and Quality having worked with prominent names in TELECOM and ITES.This blog is a platform for illustrating practical and easily implementable solutions for achieving Customer Satisfaction based on the experience of many years.The information or knowledge shared in the blogs is a selfless attempt of a passionate professional to help improve SERVICE QUALITY in any way the readers can benefit from.Please do share if you see some recognizable differences/improvement in your workplace post implementation of your interpretation/understanding of my blogs....The knowledge of knowing that it worked for you would be of utmost importance and fulfillment to me.

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